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.ALPHA INDUSTRIAL offers 9x11 coated abrasive sheets in a wide variety of abrasive grains, grit sizes and backers. We offer a complete range for use on all surfaces from wood to metal.
9" x 11" Cloth Sheets
Metal and emery cloth sheet for general purpose on industrial and maintenance applications.
9" x 11" Paper Sheets
Please contact us for details.
9" x 11" Screen Sheets
Open mesh backing for wet or dry use, very resistant to loading.
An excellent alternative to conventional products such as steel wool or sandpaper. These versatile non woven pads can be used dry or with non-chlorinated solvents on almost any surface. Use by hand or cut into thirds to be mounted on our plastic hand pad holder.
Non-woven Hand Pads
Hand pads are available for a variety of purposes. They are flexible and will conform to the workpiece, yet strong to resist tearing. Provides a smooth and consistent finish.
Hand Pad Holder
Ergonomic pad holder designed for use with 6x9 hand pads. May also be used with rolled material cut to size.
Hand Pad & Holder Set
This set includes 1 piece each of the 7 different hand pad varieties, plus the ergonomic plastic holder.
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