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Nonwoven Surface Conditioning Belt
Heavy-duty Alpha Industrial nonwoven surface conditioning belts are manufactured with aluminum oxide impregnated fibre mesh on a tough web backing. The grain is evenly dispersed on the material, resulting in a smooth, uniform finish. The open structure resists loading and can be used wet or dry. The synthetic material will not rust or corrode. Its life can be increased by washing after use. Polivlies belts are designed for buffing, blending, cleaning, light deburring, finishing and polishing on all metals. Particularly well suited for use on stainless and aluminum.
Belt Kit
Convenient file belt kits by Alpha Industrial include a combination of coated and non woven belts to provide more versatility in the finishes you can achieve with your file belt sander.

**Specifications will be available soon!!
Cleaning Stick


Alpha Industrial's amazing cleaning stick will rejuvenate your coated material. The cleaning stick cleans loaded belts and virtually any coated product. Just apply the rotating abrasive to the cleaning stick. Always wear protective goggles when using this product.

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