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Alpha Industrial offers a wide selection of coated narrow abrasive belts manufactured from premium components. These high quality belts deliver exceptional removal rates and service life. We classify belts into four general categories:
• file, portable, benchstand and backstand
Some cross-classification. Exists. For alternate machine types, look for the correct size listings under benchstand and backstand belts. Additional closed-coat sizes, types and grits are available as specials.

File Belts
Alpha Industrial belt sizes are commonly used on dynabrade and other file belt machines.
A luminum oxide file belts and zirconium file belts available

**Specifications will be available soon!!
Portable Belts
Alpha Industrial belts are manufactured for universal use on portable sanders. Available in aluminum oxide portable belts and zirconium portable belts

**Specifications will be available soon!!
Benchstand Belts

Alpha Industrial belts in sizes manufactured to fit all types of benchstand belt sanders. Available in aluminum oxide benchstand belts and in zirconium benchstand belts.

**Specifications will be available soon!!
Backstand Belts
Alpha Industrial has a complete backstand belt program including a wide range of sizes and grits to outfit the most common benchstand file machines with the highest quality coated belt.
Available in aluminum oxide.

**Specifications will be available soon!!
Belt Kit
Convenient file belt kits by Alpha Industrial include a combination of coated and non woven belts to provide more versatility in the finishes you can achieve with your file belt sander.

**Specifications will be available soon!!
Cleaning Stick


Alpha Industrial's amazing cleaning stick will rejuvenate your coated material. The cleaning stick cleans loaded belts and virtually any coated product. Just apply the rotating abrasive to the cleaning stick. Always wear protective goggles when using this product.

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